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Read about the history of CommunityWide on our history page.


We will be a place where all persons, regardless of their means or status, can expect to have their best interests considered first and foremost. As members and owners, they will receive not only high quality products and services, but also friendly, expert advice about financial matters. We will have a major presence in our community and be known for our excellent, high value services that are given in a friendly, personal manner.


Serve our member's best interest by providing them with high value financial services.


We respect the dignity of every human being, and will conduct all of our affairs with integrity and honesty. We will provide excellent personal service to all of our members by responding favorably to their requests whenever possible and by giving financial advice that is in their best interest. We will provide opportunities for employees to grow personally and professionally and will employ sound business practices that will allow the credit union to thrive financially.


Our credit union's officials bring a wide variety of expertise to the credit union. They share a common goal to serve the best interest of our members. The officials monitor the performance of operation management and the financial progress of the credit union.

Persons who are responsible, who enjoy working with people, and who are willing and able to serve the best interests of our members are sought to staff the credit union. Our employees know that promotions are made from within, and that willingness to learn new skills will be recognized by advanced job duties.