"Sybil" - Phone Banking

Call Sybil at (574) 239-2707

When you call "Sybil" to get information on your communitywide account, just follow her easy to understand instructions. If you are familiar with her routine, you move ahead without waiting for her to tell you what to do.

Account Number When you are asked for our account number, be sure to enter it exactly as it shows on your account card or statement. If you enter your payroll number or include the check digit on the end of your account number as it appears on the bottom of your checks, your inquiry will not be accepted.

Secret Access Number Any communitywide employee can help you establish your secret access number when you are in the credit union. Make sure that this number is known only to you as it is your assurance that no one else can get your account information from "Sybil". Don't write it down and leave it where someone else can use it if they gain access to your purse, billfold, or other possessions.

Share Type Choose what type of shares that you wish to get information about.

Kind of Information Choose the kind of information that you want about the share type you selected.

Ending the phone call - it is very important that you press the #1 to end the phone call. If you don't and just hang up the phone, Sybil will not be able to respond to the next call as quickly. Besides, by pressing #1 when your are done keeps her from getting tired and cranky.

Phone Number: (574) 239-2707