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fraud and risk management

In a world of constantly evolving digital threats, it is as important as ever to remain diligent about your personal information. Take care to destroy all documents with your personal information rather than tossing them into the trash. Monitor your account activity and credit reports carefully for changes. If you notice anything irregular on your account, contact us immediately.

Remember, CW will NEVER contact you and request personal information. If you receive an email with a questionable link or attachments, do not click the link and do not open the attachment. If in doubt, contact us.

We have implemented state of the art firewalls and security measures to protect your personal information from being compromised, however, it remains extremely important that you stay alert and avoid falling victim to phishing, smishing, and other methods used to steal personal information. Awareness of potential threats is key to staying safe. We have provided the following content to help and will continue to provide you with the latest updates on any potential threats.




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