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CW Membership Eligibility

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Membership Benefits
Membership Eligibility

Through partnerships and relationships cultivated over the last 50 years we can offer a variety of ways for individuals to qualify for membership with CommunityWide. Review the following list to see how you can become a member:

As a member of Michiana Goodwill Boosters or Marine Corps. League of St. Joseph Valley or Habitat for Humanity Helpers

As an Employee, Retiree or donor Member of:

As a spouse of:
Persons who died while within our field of membership

As a relative:
Immediate family members living in the same household of qualified members.


Are you an employer interested in becoming a CW SEG so that your employees can qualify for membership and all the benefits that includes? Contact us today

What do I need to become a member?

Individuals interested in joining CW must provide the following information and documentation:

How can I transfer my accounts?

Want to become a member but concerned about all the hassle of changing your accounts over? We have simplified the process with our Switch Kit. Click to learn more about how quickly and easily you can transfer your accounts to CW.

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