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CW offers a variety of savings accounts to help you reach your short term and long term financial goals. If you are looking for a savings account that allows immediate access without penalty, a regular savings is the account for you. Open up a special savings account to track those funds needed for a longer financial goal such as saving for Christmas or an annual expense. Name your savings account to help you easily identify where your money is going,  Whatever your need, we have an account that is right for you.

Featured Benefits of CW Savings Accounts:

to open
Min. Balance
to Earn
paid at end
of each
No penalty
on amount
$0 and up 1.80% APY $5.00 $1 Day Month Any time None

Saving for a Rainy Day?

Rainy Day   Greenpath

Tucking away extra money for a rainy day is an extremely important tool for establishing and maintaining your financial security. Ideally we should all have enough saved to cover 6 months of expenses should something unexpected disrupt the normal flow of income. This can seem like an insurmountable goal but the key is getting started and staying the course. If you don’t have an emergency savings yet, keep reading to learn a few of the reasons why you should start saving as soon as possible.

  1. Job Loss
  2. Unexpected and Lengthy Illness
  3. Car Break Down
  4. Death in the Family
  5. Appliance Stops Working

When you are ready to start setting aside money in your rainy day fund, we can help. Whether you open a separate savings share or set up an automatic distribution from your direct deposit, we can make the act of saving much easier to achieve. Need assistance getting started? We recommend setting up and following a budget. By having a plan for each dollar you earn, you are more likely to reach your financial goals. Contact Greenpath today for guidance on setting up a budget that works for your goals.


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